Eponymous Syrah 2008

When the opportunity arises to make small quantities of wine from an exceptional vineyard, and work with the grower to coax the best out of the vines from such a vineyard, I have a hard time passing up the chance. Such was the case with this first vintage of Eponymous Syrah. The grapes come from a relatively young vineyard east of the town of Napa on Monticello Road and the grower is an old friend with whom I needed no persuasion to join forces.

The attractive garnet color leads to a complexity of aromas that hint of black pepper, dark cherry, rosemary and licorice and a touch of oven roasted meat dripping character, that I always look for in a good Syrah. The flavors follow nicely to the palate with added spice and bacon notes. This medium full-bodied wine is well balanced with good weight and glides evenly across the palate finishing with pleasing flavors that linger pleasingly


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